Welcome to Art Papier: Finest Card & Paper Crafts

Welcome to Art Papier: Finest Card & Paper Crafts

Art Papier is Indonesia’s premiere Boutique Stationer, selling gift-wrap, wrapping paper, tissue paper, greeting cards, gift cards, gift-boxes and very soon scrapbook accessories.

We specialize in imported British, German, Italian and Japanese fine gift wrapping paper and hand-made giftboxes and gift cards/greeting cards. Our washi and Chiyogami is 100% authentic Japanese hand-crafted artisan paper and has been especially popular with the large Korean and Japanese expatriate community.

Our Plaza Indonesia boutique, located close to the German and Japanese embassies, has a loyal following of local and expatriates alike- Art Papier’s unique acquisitions of handicrafts- one memorable example was Czech, German and Austrian Christmas handicrafts completely sold out within one week- requiring an impromptu subscription list for following years!

We also carry a range of hand-made specialty papers from Nepal and India from a variety of fibre-stock, including silk, cotton and other less common factory “waste” as stock. As the idiom goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”- and certainly the artisans of Nepal and India can manufacture delightful treasures that delight gift-givers!

Boutique Locations:

Currently Art Papier has 2 mall-based boutiques, one in Jakarta’s oldest and premier shopping mall complex Plaza Indonesia, the other in the super-fashionable uber-modish suburb of Pondok Indah- the very desirable leafy Southern Suburbs.

Art Papier Boutique Plaza Indonesia

L1 E22

Jalan “Mohammad Husni Thamrin” [MH Thamrin] 28-30

Jakarta Pusat,

Jakarta, Indonesia


Art Papier Boutique Pondok Indah Mall 2

Skywalk South, Level 2, Unit 208

Pondok Indah Mall 2

Jalan[Street] Metro Pondok Indah

Jakarta Selatan [South], Indonesia



Art Papier has become well-known for high-quality hand-made boxes. All boxes are 100% hand-made- the only machinery used is a hand-operated paper guillotine. Art Papier believes machinery however sophisticated cannot match the skilled hands of artisans who take pride in their work and that someone else will be delighted by it.

All card-stock is 100% PCW- which is by necessity imported as local production is unavailable. The box is hand assembled then hand-finished and hand-coeverd in various materials. Art PApier offers imported Italian book-binder’s fabric, Japanese heavy-duty fabric, silk (a common request), any custom request fabric or paper, 30% PCW fine Italian pcoloued paper, 100% German wrapping paper, 100% Italian wrapping paper

Art Papier has a range of standard-sized boxes conforming to the ISO A-series and B-series paper standards which are hand-made and covered in fine Italian book-binder’s cloth, heavy-duty Japanese covering, Chiyogami, German and Italian wrapping papers, and even unbleached 100 PCW paper, Chiyogami and silk-paper (non Japanese Washi).

Art Papier is delighted to take on any customer request, no matter the size or quantity. Art Papier will strive to  meet the realities of customer budgetary restraints without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Art Papier has been honoured to be commissioned for custom box-making for many customers- from courting couples looking for that extra special touch for that heart-felt gift; to national and multinational giants: German prestige automobile companies, Embassies of various Governments, The Government of Republic of Indonesia Ministries and Departments, national petroleum and resource giants, national print & television media  and many, many more.


Customer Service:

Art Papier is indeed among fierce competition, Asia is renowned for superlative attentive customer service- as the general idiom goes “a guest is a King (or Queen, Prince or Princess!)”. Art Papier’s commitment to total customer satisfaction and rigorous staff assessment, customer service education has reaped rewards- and is extended to every customer- not matter how large or small the purchase.

In Art Papier’s view- every purchase is an honour and Art Papier is obligated to reciprocate by showing gratitude & appreciation to purchasers.

Art Papier would be honoured by your custom, quotation query or any questions you may have.


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